Black Plague Persuasive Essay

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I have a received a ticket to go anywhere I choose to go. Out of all the places I would choose to go I would choose to back in time to the year 1340 back when the black plague was disaster brought upon by the wrath of God, to show them a way to contain the virus, and possibly help stop the spread of the virus sooner.

The Black Death or also known as the black plague was one of the world’s most devastating pandemics in human history, it resulted in nearly 75 to 200 million deaths. That was about 30-60% of Europe’s total population. The plague reached Sicily in October 1347, and was carried by twelve Genoese galleys. It rapidly spread through the islands. Galleys from other places like kaffa reached genoa and Venice. It wasn’t till the virus
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Washing your food and clean water, using clean clothes and washing your hands before and after everything could make the biggest difference. Having a clean place to stay and teaching them how to properly dispose of rotten or disgusting things. Showing them these methods on how to stay clean and healthy to prevent sickness and even a common cold. The Black Death took out most of Europe’s population and the lasting effects would change how not only the past, but the future as well. The future would be farther advanced then what we are now with the update on what I could for them in the 13th century. The 14th century till now wouldn’t be figuring out how to survive but rather on how will we move forward.

I would go back in time because helping people progress and become healthier is my passion. Working in hard and harsh conditions is all worth it if a person is heathy and can live another day. There’s nothing more heartwarming then to see and adult, a teenager or even a child live another day due to someone who has a way, someone to be there for them. I want to be that person who can save a life, and see hope in a child’s
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