Black Population In Liberia

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BLACK & NON-BLACK COUNTRIES COMPARED Liberia: Area size is 43,000 sq. miles. Population is 3million. By the year 1820 black population in the United States of America had reached its optimum level. Ship loads of More black African slaves were brought to the Americas every day for sale. The whites foresaw future potential threat to their racial domination and supremacy. That black population was increasing at a faster rate than white people, hence measures should be taken to prevent a repeat of Moses’ story in the book of Exodus in the Holy Bible. White people bought black people to work on plantations in the southern states, and partly to breed the blacks for resale purposes. Indentured male and female black servants were forced to have…show more content…
Runaway slaves were very common, slaves killing slave masters; and slavery as an established legitimate institution was cracking at its base. White people realized that most black people and mulattoes would prefer to return to their African motherland than to live in servitude. Thus in 1821 the American Colonization Society bought a large piece of land (43,000 sq. miles, almost half the entire new country) in the west coast of Africa "Cape Mesurado".
The site then was called Grain Coast by the Portuguese because of its valuable crop called "Pepper." Different European traders called the area by different names including Pepper Coast, Grain Coast, and Malaguetta Coast. The initial settlement was funded by Free American and Caribbean Society. In 1822 the first freed African-American slaves with mulato children were shipped to form the Monrovia settlement. The first site of settlement was named Freetown. A larger settlement area was created and named after the 4th. US President James Monroe (1817-25). Monrovia has always been Liberia's capital city to
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