Black Power Mixtape Vs Dark Girls Essay

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Dark Girls, Dear White People and The Black Power Mixtape all share similarities and have similar messages just portrayed in a different ways, from different point of views, from ones anguish to another’s very own. Dark Girls is from many different African American women point as it relates to colorism, whereas Dear White People is told from the perspective of many African American college student as they make an attempt to escalate racial tension throughout campus, and lastly The Black Power Mixtape is told from behind the lens of a group of Swedish journalist covering The Black Power Movement in the United States.
Dark Girls focuses on black women and their experience in the real world, how they get through each day without completely losing it. Colorism is something that is proliferated in the African American community and white in the upper bracket in society, of a larger caliber. In the film there was powerful moment when Dr. Cheryl Grills, President of The National Association of Black Psychologists said "Beauty is just a small piece of a much bigger animal. And until we understand that much bigger animal we’ll never understand the issue of colorism” (Crocker & Major, 2010). This quote is very true as it stands because, beauty is just a small piece
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It shows the sympathy one has, for each and every one of these students, how Sam’s ex-boyfriend Troy makes an attempt to show his dad that he had a different plan in mind. Troy sets out to explain himself and his true identity by parading his white-boy image in the process of enlightening us and educating us on reverse racism, Troy shows his since of pride, as his voice was finally being heard by the student body on campus. This action was Troy’s verbal combat, standing against the prejudice that he has to deal with, similar to us black individuals who assumes that it’s only us that deal with
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