Black Power Movement And Civil Rights Movement

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All through history minority have been fighting for their rights, rights that should be given to all but were not because of discrimination and hatred. Right that the majority had and the back than the minority wished they had.Rights like the right to an education, equality and freedom and many rights that were not given to any minority. The African American community was one of the many minority groups that were fighting for their freedom to be someone important. Many wonder how a minority group like the African American community were able to achieve their goals with all the hate that they were presented with. Starting with an force immigration that made them become slaves, to having to fight to be free from slavery and now having to fight for their rights of equality. If it was not for Movements like the Civil Right Movement, the Black Power Movement and the Black Life Matter movement that helped to let the African American voice to be heard and to help improve the hardship and disaster they were presented with. The Civil Right Movement was about fighting to end segregation, that was affecting the education and equality to the African Americans community. After the battle against segregation was ending the African American population began The Black Power movement which was about having equality with the involvement in politics and the American Economy, and was lead by The Black Panther. The last moment is the Black Lives Matter Movement which is about the acts of
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