Summary: The Ordeal Of Integration

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From the very beginning of American history, the racial issue played a major role in society. Global community had formed two opposite groups in the sophisticated debate on race. One of the sides considers the end of racism and stable growth of the black middle class. At the same time, another group of people who deny the retentive grip of racism. Orlando Patterson could easily gain the role of a liberal maverick. A scientist had received an education at the London School of Economics, which had paved his way to Harvard, where Patterson is a professor of sociology now. The most vivid topic for the professor is the issue of slavery and the discovery of the origins of ethnic chauvinism. The Ordeal of Integration is something a polemical
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Nevertheless, as opposed to the thesis, the author argues that the new racism regarding African Americans has replaced discrimination with undeserved privileges. It is this fact that gives rise to the fear that income growth and welfare are more serious than racism. This turned out to be worse and more serious than just a black war against a grave crisis. The advancement of this disastrous "struggle against racism" generates a group of black leaders parasitizing on it. The civil rights movement shifted its main vector from democratic to capitalistic, thus turning into an economic industry. The question of racial identity has become an instrument to promote unified thinking and to deprive black individuals of identity, to preserve the history of African-Americans as a history of their persecution by whites up to this…show more content…
It eroded such important social institutions as family and marriage, excluded them from social and political life, and over time deprived them of the chance to master survival skills in an emerging industrial
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