Black Reparation Argumentatory Essay

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Ever since slavery, African Americans have made dramatic progress in American society, “But not enough”. Keep these three words in mind as the following essay will be thoroughly dedicated as to why this perspective is yet only a perception, not a reality. Reparation for slavery is the idea that some form of compensatory payment needs to be made to the descendants of Africans who had been enslaved. Prominent African American leaders and orators demand everything from $6.4 trillion for a black reparations fund to a total debt relief, the removal of sanctions and increased foreign aid to Black countries. The majority of people to suggest this proposal are looking for someone to condemn. Rebounding from the government to companies, to categorical groups of people, and even to certain individuals with the expectation that someone will be able to obtain them the amends they feel they need and are deserving of. The main issue in respects of slavery and its aftereffects is the insolvency never paid to their…show more content…
When in retrospect it is only evident that the tribulations that occurred were tribulations that one could and did effectively overpower. The need of African-Americans to be recognized as being equal and worthy is morally the only debt from the nation upon the descendants to those who did by flesh and blood endure the atrociousness of slavery 150 years ago; as it would also apply upon any other race or group of people within the country. African-Americans need and deserve equal opportunities. The question should be, then, how can we help these individuals presently? Not how could we have helped their antecedents? Because 40 acres and a mule will not rectify slavery 's injustice. Neither will $6.4trillion given to a people with no effectual or relevant way to use such a massive amount of
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