Black Rose Woods Short Story

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Hallow’s Eve 1993, 11:04 pm It was a day like any other. Matt and Emma were in Matt’s 1993 Toyota pickup truck on their way to Black Rose Woods for their 2-year anniversary of when they first meet. It became dark, like a blanket covering the earth by the clouds while wolves howled at the moon as Matt drove with Emma and saw many teared up signs, almost like a bear attack, near the entrance that seemed to say through all the scratches and old, flakey ink, “Murders have been performed here enter at own risk,” with other words that were not eligible, but decided to ignore them, as they thought it was most likely old and has been there for many years. As they arrived, a male senior, early 50s, hunchback forest ranger of the camping grounds woke…show more content…
The ranger leaned on the opened window stage-whispering, ”Well, ya may not know but…” he looks around to see if anyone’s listening in, ”There’s been…” counting on his fingers, “At least 19 murdas or sometin’ ‘ere,” pointing to the sign with his shaky…show more content…
Step by step, it was getting harder to breathe, almost to the point of suffocation. Despite the thin air, he kept walking and at what seemed like the end of the tunnel, he saw torches that have already been lighted. Matt followed it and it lead him to a big, dystopian, stranded cavern with Emma decapitated, blood staining the doctor’s sheet, surrounded by tools for dissection. His jaw drops and heart sinks as he keeps staring at it. Then dashed away to find a way out, in a dark and hopeless feeling after what he glanced at. As he keeps fearing he sees a door that thought was an exit, but when Matthew came in and closed the door, he finds himself in a chambered room full of many skulls that weren't fraudulent. Matthew screams into the empty space until he was sure he couldn’t breathe anymore.He observed a safe with fractured, aged-looking skulls around a safe door with a prodigious sized lock. Matt turns the safe slightly to the right. He hears a deafening reverberation after a few seconds and cautiously turns over his left shoulder to see Emma with her head unattached lying on her stomach on a doctor’s examination table and a black-hooded, masked person is right in front of her corpse. He slides to the right, allowing Matt to look at Emma, horrified. The black-hooded, masked person silently comes up to Matt with a knife and stabs him, making Matt fall to the floor, lifeless, disintegrating. The dark, unknown figure takes

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