Black Ships Before Troy By Anne Frank: Negative Attitude Towards Conflict

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Negative Attitude Towards Conflict What mindset is best to have during conflict? Mr. Van Daan was always moody, and never really appreciated what he still had. Most people deal with conflict in a negative way. A positive attitude towards conflict may be the best way it handle it but, some people have a negative attitude towards conflict. There are many ways that people can argue about the negative effects of conflict. In Anne Frank, Anne was always positive no matter what happened. Anne was happy with whatever, whenever, wherever. In Black Ships Before Troy, the Greeks won the war. It was finally over. No more feud, no more lives being taken. People could go back to their families and live their lives again. Conflict contributes to social dynamics, having them remain fresh. Positivity towards conflict may help, but it also gives hope. Positive thinking towards conflict may help, but it could also not help. Anne Frank was always positive, Mr. Van Daan, on the other hand, wasn’t. Mr. Van Daan had a negative attitude most of the time they were in hiding. “It’s a wonder we weren’t arrested, walking around the streets, Petronella with a fur coat in July, and that cat of Peter’s crying all the way”…show more content…
Negativity can hurt your health. A study shows that if you are too negative, the psychological consequences can lead to deep trauma (Pruitt and Rubin). Negative thoughts can hurt you and the people around you. Future generations can carry your conflict around with them. “Chosen trauma” can be transmitted to future generations in the form of resentment against one’s ancestor’s enemies (Pruitt and Rubin). “Chosen trauma” keeps the flame of conflict burning. When you are negative, conflict can be distracting. “Heavy contentious tactics” is to divert time and resources away from other needs (Pruitt and Rubin). People become caught up in negativity, they forget to do anything else. Negativity always has

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