Black Ships Before Troy Odysseus Character Traits

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Odysseus is the king of Ithaca and is married to Penelope. He knows Helen from childhood. In “Black Ships Before Troy,” Odysseus shows many traits of a hero. Two of them are clever and honorable, and these traits make the hero of “Black Ships Before Troy.” Odysseus is clever because he comes up with elaborate plans. Two examples are on page 14 and pages 99-103. On page 14, Odysseus dresses up as a trader to uncover Achilles, who was dressed up as a princess. Odysseus was giving items to the princesses and showed a sword, and Achilles pulled off his veil. This was clever because he knew how to skillfully uncover Achilles and how to do it effectively. On pages 99-103. On pages 99-103, he dressed up as a beggar to steal the Luck of…show more content…
Two examples are on page 24 and page 103. On page 24, Odysseus protests the chieftains to continue to fight the war and that it would be a shameful thing to leave the war. But Thersites protests Odysseus, who is the Greek war leader. So, Odysseus beats Thersites with a scepter. This shows Odysseus is honorable because even though it may seem abuse, it was the right thing to do. On page 103, Odysseus promises to keep the secret Helen told him. This shows he is honorable because it is honorable and ethical to keep a secret. Honorable is one trait of a hero Odysseus has. Some may claim that Odysseus can’t be the hero of “Black Ships Before Troy” because he is overconfident. On page 103, Odysseus promises to Helen that she won’t be harmed when Troy is invaded. Odysseus makes a promise that could only be kept if he is still alive. So, Odysseus assumes he will still be alive which is overconfident. Yes, that section shows overconfidence, but he keeps the promise because he has that promise to urge him to fight harder and keep the promise. But remember, he’s human and humans are always flawed. In conclusion, I strongly claim that Odysseus is the hero of “Black Ships Before Troy” because Odysseus contains many of the character traits of a hero such as cleverness and honorability. But there are many other character traits that can support that Odysseus is the hero of “Black Ships Before
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