Black Skin White Mask Reflection

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Critique and Personal Reflection
The book Black Skin white Mask is overall a powerful book which can still be used and still is applicable in today’s society. Throughout the book there are a lot of strengths that made the book both accurate and captivating. Firstly, the book was written from the perspective of a Black man who experienced the effects of colonization first hand. Therefore, the descriptions of the black experience during his time were accurately and vividly conveyed to the reader. Secondly, the use and critique of other’s theories and ideas helped the reader to better understand oppression and what the Black man would experience on a regular basis. Fanon critically analyzed theories as it relates to the psychology of the Black individual. One of the many ideas that he critiqued and analyzed was the perspective of inferiority by Octave Mannoni. Mannoni believed that firstly that Black people or minorities had an automatic dependency complex. This means that Black people automatically desired to be ruled by the White man. And as a result, there are some Blacks who feel as if they should be “equal” to the Whites which causes an inferiority complex. Secondly, Mannoni also believed that since Black race were in the minority, that they would automatically class themselves as inferior to the White race. Fanon, analyzed this and invalidate these concepts through reasoning, logic and research. Firstly, as it relates to Black individuals presenting an inferiority complex

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