Black Skin White Mask Critical Analysis

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Critique and Personal Reflection
The book Black Skin white Mask is overall a powerful book which can still be used and still is applicable in today’s society. Throughout the book there are a lot of strengths that made the book both accurate and captivating. Firstly, the book was written from the perspective of a Black man who experienced the effects of colonization first hand. Therefore, the descriptions of the black experience during his time were accurately and vividly conveyed to the reader. Secondly, the use and critique of other’s theories and ideas helped the reader to better understand oppression and what the Black man would experience on a regular basis. Fanon critically analyzed theories as it relates to the psychology of the Black individual. One of the many ideas that he critiqued and analyzed was the perspective of inferiority by Octave Mannoni. Mannoni believed that
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However, the perspective that Fanon took in relation to examining the psychopathology changed the way I viewed the issues experienced by the Black individual. As a result of him taking on a psychoanalytic lens to understanding the psychopathology, it helped me to realize that a lot of our behaviors has to do with the un-conscious and conditioning from growing up in a white dominated society. Consequently, it is imperative to address these problems or childhood defects from a psychoanalytic point of view to bring awareness and consciousness about such issues. Furthermore, bringing awareness about such issues mean that we can now focus on the root of the problem which is the systematic and social factors in society which further our psychopathology. In conclusion, the book Black Skin White Mask is material that all psychology majors and even the average person should read. It is full of insight and analysis on issues caused by colonization and racism which still lingers in our
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