Harriet Turner Rebellion Research Paper

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In the 1800, 6 to 7 million black slave came to be used for plantation and help them build their new nation. They helped grow two main things tobacco and cotton they had about 4 million slaves for the tobacco and for cotton they had about 2 million slaves. They said that were going to be used for labor source and the colonists became slaves to. It all started when 20 African Americans got brought into the poorer slavery they didn’t have enough people to grow the cotton and tobacco so they had to get more that’s when they brought a whole bunch of black people across the Atlantic Ocean. There was a lot of rebellions against the slavery process. The south was terrified because of the slaveholders. The main slaveholder was Nat Turner and he had 75 black people and 60 white people and he got that in two days so the other slaveholders were terrified. They finally hated Turners Rebellion. He said he didn’t discipline them and then they figured out he did. There was a huge movement doing the slavery and Frederick Douglas led the free blacks. William Lloyd Garrison led the white supporter. Harriette Beecher Stowe was the radical newspaper and he said that slaveholding was a sin. There was an underground railroad and most of it was for faster transportation. There was about 40,000 to 100,000 slaves that were found doing the slavery. They…show more content…
They also made them miners and very few planters they had a lot of kids to plant so they had to make up some jobs because they got so many people and they wanted to keep them so when the kids die they would have more people. They were the supporters that brought by the elaborate and the western hemisphere they were deeply involved and love this idea and the southerners feared the revolt. Florida, Mexico, and Spanish favored the enslaved in the south not in the north. Canada adopted the laws and sins that were needed for
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