Black Snake Moan Film Analysis

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In the movie, Black Snake Moan written by Craig Brewer in 2007 discussed three main characters suffered from the disorder PTSD. Rae Doole was one of the three characters mentioned in the movie who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has suffered from the fact of not being able to control herself sexually towards men when she is around them. This occurred as a child when her mother’s boyfriend sexually abused her when she was younger. This affected her by not being able to carry herself as a “women” instead of a sex toy. Most of the people in the town viewed, and knew she would sleep with anyone even a “tree” is what they would say about her. Another victim of PTSD was Lazarus Redd, who is a musician, and a farmer. Mr. Redd who holds a grudge…show more content…
When he tells his wife that he still has faith in their marriage, and to go see the pastor to talk about their situation the wife turns him down telling him “I don’t love you anymore”. This hurts Mr. Redd tremendously leaving him with bitterness that took over his life. This kept him away from starting a new relationship with the pharmacist in his town because he remembered all the pain he felt with his wife’s betrayal. The last actor who experienced PTSD, which was a part of anxiety was Ronnie Morgan. He was in the National Guard, and left his girlfriend Rae behind to serve his country. He knew it was a hard decision, leaving her behind. Ronnie worse a watch at all times, and got the same watch for Rae that would beep at the same time as his, so she could always remember him. Being in the military many people do not realize that they experience terrific things that cause a lot of emotional, and physical damage. Due to Ronnie experiencing anxiety, it started to affect him psychologically that the National Guard ended up realizing him, because he was not able to think correctly delaying him from his
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