Black Soldiers In The Movie Glory

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In the film Glory directed by Edward Zwick, the Civil War is portrayed through the eyes of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts regiment, which was composed of African American men fighting against the Confederates for freedom. The commander of this regiment, Robert Shaw, was born into an abolitionist family and accepted the role of the first all-black regiment in the Northeast, despite the potential threats of the South. The movie focuses on four black soldiers and their experiences during the war as well as their relationships with their fellow soldiers and commanders, including Shaw. Throughout the movie, Shaw’s perspective is also seen and the conflicting emotions he felt are demonstrated by the choices he is forced to make. While some may argue that the film Glory does not accurately represent how African Americans were treated during the Civil War, three scenes in the film expertly demonstrate the bravery of these men, the relationship between white and black men within the regiment, and the progression of…show more content…
It also brings to light the sacrifices and bravery these African Americans made so that their families could experience freedom the way they were able to in the North. Moreover, it demonstrates how not every white soldier in the North was against slavery and racism, which is a common belief of many people. But, it also shows that the war changed many people's opinions over blacks and their abilities. The progression of black soldiers treatment over the course of the war was immense, as they began by solely doing manual labor and ended being recognized as one of the reasons the North won the war. This same pattern is being followed today, but instead of black rights, it is the rights of women because they are proving their abilities and diminishing stereotypes. If this continues men and women will soon be viewed as equals by most, just like blacks and
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