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Peter, Tubby Ted, Thomas, and James from St. Norbert 's Home for Wayward Boys are taken to a ship that seems to be called the Never Land. They are going to have to call that ship home for the next month and a half, or at least they reach their destination, Rundoon, to become servants to King Zarboff the Third, which some say are evil. But things seem to be taking a turn for Peter, the other boys, and the rest of the crew of the Never Land. Black Stache, the most feared pirate to sail the seas, has caught his eye on the treasure that 's on the Never Land 's sister ship, the Wasp. Black Stache, also known as Captain Hook later on, takes his crew to the Wasp to battle. He goes to battle only to figure out that the treasure is on the Never…show more content…
The Wasp, which is now captained by Black Stache and his crew, go after the starstuff that 's on the Never Land. Black Stache and Smee, his first mate, tricked the Never Land crew by pretending to be the British. They manage to take over the Never Land and the crew. Molly and Peter try to hide the trunk with the starstuff but they end up throwing it overboard during the the fight and the storm. Once the storm was over everyone including the trunk was washed ashore on an island. The island had a giant crocodile and hostile natives. Everyone split up on the island to find the trunk. Alf, a sailor, is with the other boys and Peter and Molly are together. Little Richard and Slank, from the Never Land, are by themselves and the pirates are together. Alf and the other boys, they don 't know about the starstuff, are just trying to survive on the island. The other groups are trying tiring the trunk. After being caught by natives, and almost fed to a giant crocodile, Molly, Peter Alf, and the other boys fly out of the giant cage, that held the giant croc, to go find…show more content…
Peter decide to trade the trunk with Slank, in order to save the lives of his friends. Slank takes the trunk and Molly and leaves the other behind. Slank ends up not honoring his agreement, he decides to take Molly to King Zarboff. But Peter also tricked Slank by moving the starstuff out of the trunk before giving it up to Slank. The natives also decide to join in and take the trunk, but as soon as Slank gets Fighting Prawn and Peter alone, he makes an attack on them. Peter manages to take Slank by cutting off his hand and save Fighting Prawn, which makes the natives like him and also earning Fighting Prawn 's help. Molly 's father, Leonard, with more starcatchers to to transfer the starstuff safely, and take everyone back home. Peter and his friends decide to stay on the island, and Peter also learned that the exposure to the starstuff made him so that he can 't age and he can fly. All the other starcatchers leave after an

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