Black Students End Up In Prison Essay

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Black Students Demand the UC System Stop Supporting Private Prisons

Everybody knows one of the major pathways to prison is poor education. Those who have a lack of education are exponentially more likely to end up in prison than those who are highly educated. This is even more true is you are an uneducated black male. For years, the government, media, even Hollywood has been calling for an increase in educational programs aimed at helping black youth get out of poverty and into college in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Apparently, several University of California universities have been playing for both teams. It seems that the universities are happy to take the money from black students who qualify to get in and become students. And what of those that did end up in prison, instead? According to the Black Student Unions of nine undergraduate University of
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Among the "culture of indifference" among the guards, and an acceptance of gang activity within the prison walls, there is also a "culture of racism" that is pervasive in the prisons.

The guards are said to use the "N" word without even thinking about it. The black inmates were deprived of equal access to food and canteen privileges. The report noted that the blacks were the last to enter the dining area and the first to be sent out. They were the last to enter the canteen and sometimes it would be closed prior to their "turn" so they could not make
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