Black Swan Psychological Analysis

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Psychological disorders are often overseen in movies. In the Black Swan the protagonist Nina Sayers beautifully and disturbingly portrays a person dealing with schizophrenia. In the psychological thriller Nina Sayers is a young dancer working in the prestigious New York City ballet. She is conflicted in being the good person she know she should be or the bad person her heart keeps leading her to be. Nina Sayers is very talented, but she is very reserved. This causes people around her to view her as a “shy frigid little girl”. I was at the ballet company opens up for a new season her directed the size that she is perfect for the lead role this will mean that she will play both the black and the white swan. Her innocent personality makes her…show more content…
Her disorder becomes obvious. She has paranoid schizophrenia. A psychotic disorder in which the person loses touch with the real world. Hallucinations and delusions are a major symptom of the disorder. Two which are constant struggles to Nina. When Nina obtains the role of Swan Queen, she is confronted with overbearing pressures and abuse from work and home. This is exactly what kept her vulnerable to these symptoms
At home, Nina feels suffocated by her mother. She is overbearing and manipulates her over and over again. Her mother keep control of Nina’s life. Her mother was also a ballerina but was forced to get rid of that life when she became pregnant. Nina’s mother treats her like a little girl. She even tucks her into bed every night. Although she does push nina to fulfill the dreams she will never be able to fulfil.
Nina’s delusions and hallucinations that get more severe as the film goes on she has a delusion that another ballerina, Lily, is out of so harm her. Especially after the director makes her Nina’s alternate. She starts to see her face on Lily and others. She has her first psychotic episode after a party. The party had drugs. Lily was trying to help. In the hallucination, Nina sleeps with
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On the other hand, she has the Black swan persona who has violent confrontations with others, including herself. She has deep scratch marks and other marring on her skin with no clear recollection of how they got there, but the film infers that they are self-inflicted.
Schizophrenia is characterized as a heterogeneous condition that usually starts during adulthood. This kind of mental disorder is quite hard to differentiate between a fantasy or reality since it is associated with a variety of symptoms. The symptoms include disturbances in communication, language, perception, thought and volition. The symptoms are being divided into negative and positive which include hallucinations, delusions, behavior and disorganized speech. The latter symptoms include avolition, alogia, affective flattening and asociality (MHA, 2014).
There is no clear cause of schizophrenia. Some theories about the cause of this disease include genetics, biology and possible viral infections and immune disorders. Scientist have been able to prove this disorder runs in families. A person does inherit a tendency to develop the disease. It may appear when the body goes through hormonal and physical changes or after dealing with highly stressful situations (MHA,
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