Black Theatre In Harlem

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Our study focused on the zoning by the city through three different time periods the 1960’s, 1990’s and the present around The National Black Theater in Harlem. We also included the population statistics and median income surrounding the theater and the resulting socioeconomic effects. The focus was also about understanding the zoning from the 1960’s- present and how it directly shaped the landscape for the Harlem of today. For the National Black Theater their future is directly tied to the surrounding neighborhood and its inhabitants. We concentrated on the racial background of the current inhabitants in a five block radius of The NBT. The racial make-up of the blocks surrounding NBT differed depending on where new developments on 125th street are located. This directly…show more content…
Studying the effects of gentrification are vital to the future of the NBT. What will the NBT look like in the next twenty years? That is a question that heavily relies on the future socioeconomic demographics of Harlem. The block that NBT is located on has a median income below $20,000 a year, and on the other corner of the NBT it jumps by almost $50,000. Our study also included the new development in the area that controlled the allowed height on 125th street. The zoning change in the C4-7 areas also
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