Black Tulips And Vase Donald Sultan Analysis

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Donald Sultan is a very known artist that has been known for many years now. He is a very artistic type of artist and has been recognized painter, print making, Sculpture and large compositions. I love that he is very plain but his painting has lots of emotion and effect to his photo. Sultan is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his artistic achievements, his work was accepted to the public and lots of people loved his art work, still from this day people are still loving his art. The art work Black Tulips and Vase is one of my favorite art pieces from him, the art piece is an abstract and representational kind of art; this artwork was made with color silkscreen with tar-like texture on 4-ply museum board, The art work has been accepted very well to the public, also very known to many people. Some people are still purchasing his art more on the pricey side but not as bad as other art. I love how the art is just black and white I can see this art a home or office, it has lots of meaning to it. I can see how many people set great reviews on this canvas. Robertson Smithson was an amazing artist who has passed away, he worked a little over 10 years before he past away. he inspired so many young artists in his generation. He has been known for his…show more content…
I love the different types of flowers and shapes that Donald creates on his own, but also the way Robertson made that swirl on that jetty island is just very artistic and thoughtful of him to do. I feel that they both were very competitive in their artwork form that both had. Comparing and contrasting these two art pieces can be different, I like the fact that they are both used with natural types of

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