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hese attributes are what I believe what I would be okay for my robot. My robot’s name is Black Widow, the name is completely random. Black Widow is a medium sized robot, in a square form. The main color of the bot is black, and it has a red hourglass on the top of it. The blades are a silvery holographic color, and the flipper is blue. The wheels are black in its entirety.

My robot has two weapons, a 360 rotating blade that is horizontal and can retract inside the robot. I also added a flipper, it extends over the head of the bot. The bot can move to the center and rotate in the middle for better hits. My armor is okay, the only things that it is good for is for the coverings of the wheels and the innards of the robot. The wheels are covered just in case, for they can be slit easily without.
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I spent fourteen points on the weaponry and the extra weapon was the flipper. I spent twelve points on the engine, therefore it has better stamina. The wheels have seven points and they are tank wheels. The armor also has seven points.

To restate, these are the attributes that I believe would make a good robot. Its name is Black widow. The colors are black, silver, red, and blue. It has two weapons, a horizontal blade and a flipper. These are the depictions of my robot and the strengths and weaknesses of the Black

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