Black Women In American Culture

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One may ask how has the aspects of black culture affected the value of black women? Well, before answering this question one must be mindful of the aspect education and the impact it has on the value of black women. Also, one must think about how education contributed to black women life historically. Typically, from the time they were brought here as slaves and until modern day. Black women were brought here with no freedom or power and used education as a weapon to make strides for equality. However, in this paper I will discuss three time periods which are slavery, post reconstruction, and modern day. These time periods are relevant because they each represent different stages of how education was utilized by black women. In this paper…show more content…
Since, the social organization focused efforts in educating and providing resources to poor blacks in the South. The black women who participated in the Black Club Women movement gained knowledge about education, health care, organizing skills and ways to overcome poverty. Also, these women were religious or educated and used that as ammunition to fight against oppressors. Unity was key to black women during this time period because they knew together they could achieve more. In essence, “club women reveal early lessons in racial consciousness and community commitment ( Shaw…show more content…
An era where black women are not only breaking barriers of stereotypes everyday but achieving more than ever before. This era is a reflection of the other two time periods. Simply, because it shows how black women used education throughout history to make progressions to brighten their future. Not to mention there are more black women pursuing higher education (Covert 1). Studies also show that young black females increased their high school graduation rate by 63% (Covert 1). This statistic proves that the value of the black woman has increased overtime because they are still on the rise education wise. Typically, meaning that they realize that knowledge is power and they are performing well academically. According to a thinking progress article published in April 3, 2014 by Bryce Covert, black women are dominating college enrollments. One may wonder how are black women doing so? Well,“Black women do so at higher rates than any other group of women in America.” In 2010, they were 66 percent of all blacks who finished a Bachelor’s Degree, 71 percent with a Master’s, and 65 percent with a Doctorate (Covert 1). This type of information changes the game for black women because this sends a message to their oppressors. Not only showing that they are capable of achieving great things in life but most importantly they are a force to be reckon with. For example, take our 44th first lady of the white house and think

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