Blackberry And Bluebell's Watership Down

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Watership Down is a story about a group of rabbits who had to run away from their warren to escape from a great danger. We follow Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver and many others on their heroic journey to survive. When they decide to go to simply get some does from a place called Efrafa, Efrafa’s general, Woundwort tries to kill them. To escape from Woundwort, they must devise the most clever of plans. Will the rabbits’ survive? Read Watership Down and find out! I could be a mix of two characters, Blackberry and Bluebell. I could be Blackberry because I could problem solve when under pressure, I just don’t know how fast. I could be Bluebell, because most people don’t get my jokes. I thought Watership Down was a good book because it was quite believable
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