Blackbucks Organizational Change

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In this argument, I will be assessing the need for a change within the corporation of the Black Berry, Inc. I will also project a strategic methodological change plan, to accomplish the vision of the corporation. Also, a strategic change process, through the implementation of a change plan that will align itself with the vision of the BlackBerry, Inc. An analysis, to the role of the change agent and barriers to change; such as a lack of time, and, the fear of change in employees to the resistance of organizational change will also be examined.
Assessing the need for a Change in the BlackBerry, Inc. Corporation. The BlackBerry, Inc. organization is in peril, losing its competitive advantage against the Apple, Inc. The organization is currently
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These issues allowed for the loss of competitive advantage, and customers. However, these issues are challenges which can be rectified with the implementation of a methodological construct. Palmer, Dunford, and Akin argued that, “a strategist, utilizing the traditional organization development approach, along with structural activities, helps the organization employees resolve their problems” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, 2009, pg. 194). Palmer, Dunford and Akin identified a number of action steps which must be prioritized in order to erect a change plan. Firstly, the problem must be identified. According, to Palmer, Dunford, and Akin, “an individual in the corporation must become knowledgeable of the issue to be rectified” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, 2009, pg. 194). An employee, preferably an individual in top management must recognized a problem exist, thus, undertaking the necessary actions to attenuate the…show more content…
223). It is very important, to have all employees on board with a common objective to effectively achieve organizational goals. The direction of this change must be managed by John Chen, President of the BlackBerry, Inc. The corporation’s capabilities must be addressed in terms of human capital, management, technology, finance, and resources to undertake the new change. It is very important to institute a lifecycle into the strategic process: this means assessing on a periodical basis the accomplishment of the organization objectives. There must be corrective action towards hindrances, subsequent to periodical
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