Essay On Blackberry Innovation

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Innovative and Design

The interpretation of the word “innovation” is emerge from the “nova” of a Latin, meaning “New” it is often referred as the the beginning of matter or some new solution.
Innovation is the process by which a novel idea that adopt by an enterprise to create a new product, service, process or management system to meet up to the requirements of change in the business environments technology or competition. From the beginning until now BlackBerry has produce a lot of product like: Mobile Phone
BlackBerry OS
Smart Phone and Tablet
Encryption Software
Television Box
Operation System in Automobiles

Product Innovation
BlackBerry used to be one of the greatest encryption phone company in the Europe. They produce the essential electronic devices such as: Mobile Phone, Smart Phones, Tablets, Television box and other operation software like encryption software for phones and the operation system in Automobiles.
Then, BlackBerry started to cripple apart from the marketing share, because the failure of the BlackBerry in grasping the time and meeting the need of the new trends then BlackBerry was outdistance by other foreign company like Samsung, Huawei, Apple,
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The delay and conservatism of the BlackBerry are the main reason they gradually lost their position in market share. In modern world customer are no longer too focus on the hardware quality thing that BlackBerry done very well before the Apple and Samsung products have emerged in the market. Instead, the attention have shifted to software, program, application, content as well as the user friendliness in the user
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