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“In 1912, Glenn Martin set out to break the distance record for flight across open water, setting his sights on Catalina Island, 30 miles from the mainland. On May 10, he guided his team as they mounted a pontoon beneath a Martin Model 12 aircraft, and despite ominous cloud cover, took off from Newport Bay for Catalina. After a quick wave to his parents and colleagues on the dock, Martin climbed to an estimated 4,000 feet. As he approached 30 minutes in-flight, his compass work impeccable, he broke out of the cloud cover to find Catalina’s Avalon Bay directly in front of him” (Founding of Lockheed). Air Inlets The Blackbirds air inlets made possible for it to cruise at over Mach 3.2 and keep airflow into the engines at the constant subsonic speeds. Mach 3.2 was the major design point for the aircraft, its most efficient speed. At the front of each inlet, a pointed, movable cone called a "spike" was locked in its full forward position on the ground and during subsonic flight. When the aircraft accelerated past Mach 1.6, an internal jackscrew pushed the spike up to 26 inches inwards, instructed by an analog air inlet computer that took into account the pitot-static system, pitch, roll, yaw, and angle of attack. Moving the spike tip drew the shock wave riding on it closer to the inlet cowling until it touched just…show more content…
To build such a monumental plane, workers and designers had to construct perfect dimensions within the blueprint. High speeds have been reached along with one of the best UAV systems in military existence. First built in 1966, technological advances have improved the aircrafts performance and abilities. Interesting records and feats to mankind have been accomplished with this piece of art along with many “war stories” from the pilots who have been in the

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