Blackfish Documentary Analysis

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The documentary Blackfish, came out in 2013 and it paints SeaWorld in a bad light. It follows the story of an orca named Tilikum and the 3 deaths he has been linked to.
Since the documentary came out, SeaWorld's sales have dropped and SeaWorld claims the documentary is misleading. Since _________, SeaWorld has faced some major changes, starting with their trainers are no longer aloud to be in the water with the orcas and varies fines. SeaWorld has now been trying to recreate their image to show they do infact care about their animals and Blackfish should not be taken serious. One way of recreating their good name is having people with questions and concerns ask SeaWorld directly, to which they respond. YouTube, as well as has
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. . “ He says 'zoological settings' twice in about 10 seconds, the definition of zoology is the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals. Zoology has nothing to do with using animals as a form of entertainment by having them perform unnatural behaviors. Mr. Tompkins claims that things like growth rate of calves, social structure and social status among others would be difficult to learn in the wild. While it may be difficult it is not impossible, studies such as these have been done. A dorsal fin is a unique structure to each whale, much like a fingerprint, a scientist who has followed a pod can tell the different orcas apart easily. Observing orcas in their natural settings, taking picture of their dorsals are all ways to document growth and social structure. A professional in the field can look at a photograph or animal in the distance and be able to know the approximate size of the animal. Scientists who follow orca pods are able to determine who the leader is, monitor growth of the pod members and see the social structure within the pod. The things SeaWorld says we've learned from orcas in captivity, we can also learn from orcas in the wild. There are also things we could never learn from keep orcas in captivity, such as hunting techniques and the rate of depth they can dive. Captive orcas are not able to hunt, they are never given the chance to hunt in captivity and their tanks are not deep enough for them to dive the way they would in the
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