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In 2013, a documentary called Blackfish was released to the public. This film was produced, written, and directed by a lady named Gabriela Cowperthwaite, as a way to show the world how poorly whales are treated and why they do not belong in captivity. Blackfish also shows how little people really know about the beautiful and highly intelligent orca whale itself. Her film was seen by many, and touched the hearts of a lot people, taking the debate of the topic to a higher level. The movie hits on a lot of main issues about captivity, told by reliable people, along with proven statistics to go along with them. That makes this sources extremely dependable for my final paper due to all the good information it gives. This movie does a good job on the timeline of events. It starts in the beginning from where and how whales were captured to be put into sea-parks, and even follows the whales on their journeys. For example, the film mainly focuses on a giant whale named Tilikum and where he started, his events, where he moved, to and where he was last when the film was made. It also starts with the first sea-parks and how they grew into bigger ones. It talks about how the trainers are hired, where they come from, and how they are trained. Another thing they go over is the laws of whale capturing …show more content…

This film about these extremely diverse mammals shows true footage of the whales and what they are capable of in captivity. It also talks about a lot of wrongs that are done to the whales in captivity by people who were there and done it or witnessed it themselves. The film gives out a lot of good information and statistics that have been proven by others as well. Because this source focuses on captivity and the poor treatment of whales, as will my paper, It will come to great use when the time comes to use

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