Blackfish Thesis Statement

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In 2013, the documentary called Blackfish was released, a story about a killer whale that over the years at SeaWorld killed several people. It highlighted some of the major problems with animals in captivity. SeaWorld, known for having several different animal attractions; Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Nursery, Orca Underwater Viewing, Shark Encounter, Wild Arctic (Habitat) and many more. The organization first started with the intention of learning more about animals in order to educate the public about different behaviors of each animal. Trainers at Seaworld are offered the opportunity to get hands-on training with animals and are eventually are allowed to entertain the public with the skills they have acquired. Over the years there has been controversies with the way SeaWorld treat the animals and the type of behaviors animals portray as a result of its enclosures. SeaWorld's defense of capturing…show more content…
The people of the Ethical Treatment of Animals have filed lawsuits on SeaWorld (PETA), PETA claimed that SeaWorld captured 5 orcas from the wild and they are seeking a declaration that those five orcas are slaves and subjected to involuntary servitude. Different rhetorical devices such as extreme exaggeration, ethos, are used to persuade and inform the audience about animals that are being held at SeaWorld in articles Orcas Aren't the Only Ones Being Mistreated at SeaWorld, The Guardian, and As SeaWorld stops breeding orcas, what are the impacts of research?.
As seen in the movie Blackfish several orcas at SeaWorld have a collapsed dorsal fin that has the public concerned. According to The Guardian
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