Blackish Character Analysis

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Our group decided to analyze a scene from a popular television show called ‘Blackish’ on ABC. The show is based about around an upper-middle class African American family living in the suburbs. The husband’s name is Andre Johnson, nicknamed “Dre”. He’s an Advertising Executive and develops ideas for company products. His wife’s name is Rainbow, nicknamed “Bow”. She is a Doctor at the local hospital and she makes sure everyone knows it. Like most couples, they have struggles to balance home and work life and allocate responsibility while at home. They both have strong personalities and are playful with one another. They have four kids; two in high school and two in elementary school. Zoey is the oldest daughter she goes by the name “Zoe”. She is into fashion, makeup and boys. Andre Jr. is the oldest son and he is referred to as “Junior”. He is still trying to figure out where he belongs in the social hierarchy of high school and is trying to be one of the ‘cool kids’. The two youngest children are Diane and Jack. Diane is smart and always seems to outsmart everyone and stay one step of her brother Jack. Jack loves to dance and Diane gave him the nickname “Party”. Andre’s father also lives with the family and is known by the name…show more content…
In one scene, Rainbow was in the kitchen telling Dre how she felt about their individual responsibility in the home when they come home from work. Rainbow seems irritated and resentful and states that while both of them have important jobs, her job is saving lives because she’s a doctor, and when she comes home she feels like it’s a second job because Dre is too preoccupied with his cell phone to assist her. Dre gets defensive and denies that he spends too much time on his phone while the phone simultaneously starts playing video game music. He tries to cover it up and says it’s a work
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