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Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula Student Name Program Institution Faculty Advisor Date Introduction Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula is a medium capsule-shaped dietary supplement that is manufactured by Blackmores Limited in Australia. It contains three active ingredients comprising Valerian, lemon balm and magnesium. Many medical practitioners prescribe the use of Valerian in the treatment of sleep , and anxiety-disorders. , , , , It is commercially sold in the form of dried root, tincture or fluid extract. The three ingredients support the body’s natural ability to have a sound sleep with the ability to wake up in a refreshed state. Clinical evidence for the use of the ingredients in Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula…show more content…
Since the recommended dosage contains 1200mg, there is a need to carry out further clinical trials at this dosage to determine whether an increased dosage has any other benefits or not. As Meoli et al. reports, a dose of 450mg of Valerian caused a significant reduction on sleep latency. Nonetheless, an increased dose of 900mg caused no additional benefits with reports of a significant increase in subjective somnolence.2 Carrying out a study using the 1200mg dose will shade some more light on the possible hangover effect of subjective morning…show more content…
, , There should be a warrant to include a cautionary note to that effect until such a time when more clinical trials have been carried out revealing conclusive results on its efficacy. There is research evidence that Valerian is effective in a period of 4-6 weeks, with no information on its effects in the long-term. There are concerns regards the limitations of most clinical trials which makes interpreting the findings complicated. Some studies used small sample sizes, different doses of ingredients and different outcome measurement techniques. Furthermore, the studies measured different outcomes among the participants with the potential for respondent bias whenever researchers utilize subjective measurement techniques. Taking Valerian concurrently with other medications, depressants, and nutritional supplements might have additive therapeutic and adverse effects. There should be a clear indication of the information, users notified and advised accordingly regards its usage with other medications or dietary

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