Blackness And White Aesthetic Essay

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Throughout history Whiteness and the White Aesthetic has defined Blackness and the Black Aesthetic. The White Aesthetic defines blackness as a negative, though the Black Aesthetic is the assimilation of the White Aesthetic. The White Aesthetic is viewed as superior to the Black Aesthetic. This ideology has been shown in society and literature. The ideology is analyzed in literature by Addison Gayle Jr. in “Cultural Strangulation”. The ideology is also analyzed through its social and physiological effects on black people through Fanon’s “The Fact of Blackness”. Fanon’s “The Fact of Blackness” and Gayle Jr.’s “Cultural Strangulation” makes it clear to see that Whiteness and the White Aesthetic has oppressed the race of black people by promoting the ideology that black people are inferior to white people, this ideology is used to make black people incapable of seeing their true superiority.
In Fanon’s, “The Fact of Blackness” he identifies society’s view on blackness and its physiological effect on black people though analyzing his identity as a black man. Fanon realizes that because colonization the black man can never truly discover his identity. This is shown
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Fanon uses the quote to show how the black man is seen and treated like a wild animal with no self-control by white people. So not only does the black man deal with the negative perceptions of who the white man believes the black man is he also must deal with being associated with the image of an
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