Blackout By Robison Wells: Character Analysis

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In the novel, Blackout, by Robison Wells, the main character, Aubrey Parsons, faces many challenges, which she is able to overcome because of these three main things. Firstly, she gained confidence and motivation through others. Secondly, she has also been able to imply prior knowledge to overcome many challenges. Lastly, she has also used her ability to distinguish between the good and bad in people.

Aubrey has shown her ability to gain confidence and be motivated by a very close friend, Jack Cooper, who has helped her achieve hope and courage during difficult challenges during her life. His motivation can be acknowledged after he said “If you need something﹘anything﹘ just say the word and I’ll get you out of there” (280). We can feel the
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Aubrey knew what Laura Hansen was like when Laura said “I’m trying to help you. Haven’t I always tried to help you” (378). Aubrey is able to realize how Laura is just trying to make Aubrey think that she is helping her, but instead Laura just wants to use her power of invisibility to the benefit for her own needs. Aubrey’s “vision of truth” has proven to be a unique ability she has captured by being around people of all kind. On the other hand, Aubrey recognized Jack as a true friend when he said to her that “You need to be careful” (297). Jack’s caring response for Aubrey shows her how much he cares about her. All he wants is for her to be safe and not be harmed by the evil of the terrorist in America. Aubrey great potential has been shown to be a great success for her in picking the right person to be friends with. Her inner instinct helped her identify people who actually care about her, and others who are there to use her for their own needs. Moreover, she is capable of having a strong mind while being intuited about her true
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