Blackout Persuasive Speech

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We do NOT need a #whiteout because we've practically been handed the world on a silver spoon. We don't have a whole month where everyone who isn't white talks about white achievements because everyone already knows,you aren't allowed to forget, nobody will let you go a day without hearing about things white people have done, but at public school I can weeks without hearing about an African-American accomplishment, achievement, or invention. We don't need a day to broadcast the same white features that we do everyday, we've been seen enough,let POC have the day(s) they deserve with out trying to make it into something about this hatred of white people you seem to think exists. It does NOT exist, we don't need a #whiteout but there is nothing wrong without having a #blackout etc. #Blackout was the 6th and already people are trying to get a #whiteout. I have an idea, if you want a #whiteout:…show more content…

2). Think of the last time someone called you ugly because of your skin, or even your hair type. You probably can't because you really don't have any racial hatred aimed at you.

3). Burn those thoughts out of your brains. You are not oppressed, you are not shot and killed for having different skin than a cop, who will not be punished, you are practically worshiped for having white skin. The fact that I'm even having to explain this to you is alarming.

4). Think about your life and the mistakes you've made and repeat:

I am not oppressed

I do not need a day for me and all my selfies

Everyone who posted a picture on blackout is six thousand times better looking than
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