Blacks In The North Dbq Analysis

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Blacks in the North were partially free, but had limitations. [Document B is a excerpt from the book, Life and Liberty in America by Charles Mackay. He wrote this in 1857-1858, and had it published in 1859.] According to Doc. B, it states, “We shall not make the black man a slave; we shall not buy him or sell him… He shall be free to live, and to thrive.” Doc B is saying that black men, are not slaves in the North. The Blacks live freely amongst themselves. Blacks are free to live without owners, and the label of just being property. This changed the life of African Americans. Having African American’s not be slaves, and to have the liberty of living freely, and it allows African Americans to feel human, and not like animals. Allows them to choose their jobs and they way they want to live their lifestyle.…show more content…
B, it states, “But he shall not be free to dine and drink at our board (table) - to share with us the deliberations of the jury box - to mingle with us in the concert-room, the lecture room, the theatre, or the church.” This information indicates, that black men, can not participate in any activities with white men. Mackay also shares that they can’t go and eat and drink like everyday citizens. This information shows that the blacks were not as free as everyone depicts them to be. The blacks were segregated from regular, everyday activities. If Blacks were allowed a factory job, they were mainly likely to be paid less than the regular white man. This is only one of the many of the ways, black man was segregated. African Americans were not paid normal wages. This hurt the African American families. This made it so that they couldn’t always provide food, shelter, clothes, and the other basic necessities for life. This shows that Blacks did have rights, and were partially free, but had many
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