Names Within The Shadows Analysis

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The comic ‘Blacksad, Somewhere within the Shadows’ is based on anthropomorphic animals whose species were specifically chosen for their characters role. Strongly reflecting they type of personality traits and role that the character has as the story unfolds. The story is about Blacksad who investigates the murder of an actress, Natalia Willford, his former lover. Clues by an old friend Jake Ostiombe led Blacksad to his first suspect Leon Kronski, a screenwriter and Natalia’s last known lover. Blacksad discovers that Leon has disappeared, only to find out that Leon is already dead and buried under Noel Krisnok, and anagram of Leon Krisnoski. Blacksad is then beaten up in the cemetery by two thugs and he ends up getting arrested by the police. Down at the police station Smirnov (a police commissioner) explains to Blacksad that he cannot investigate the Willford case anymore because of the pressure upstairs, and makes Blacksad a deal that is to the advantage of both sides.…show more content…
As this plays out, Blacksad manages to shoot the ‘rat’ and the ‘goanna’, questioning the slowly dying ‘goanna’, until he eventually uncovers the name of the culprit. Ivo Statoc is the most powerful and richest businessman in the city. Natalia was shot by Statoc in cold blood (as she was not a one man kind of woman) and then Statoc went to torture Leon and then killed him in the same cold blood. This ends with a confrontation between Statoc and Blacksad. Statoc offers Blacksad a job and then money as a form of justice, of which Blacksad rejects both and shoots Statoc. Later, down at the police station, Smirnov has arranged Statoc’s death to appear as a
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