Blade Runner Dystopian

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In this narrative, two movies, Blade Runner (1982) and Brave New World (1980) are analyzed on their postmodernist aspects. Both are dystopic films that predict humanity’s future from the circumstantial fears present on their times.
The movie Blade Runner by Ridley Scott was a dystopian film set in the city of Los Angeles in 2019 and was actually derived from the book of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Mr. Phillip Dick. In the film, nuclear pollution and atomic waste aftermath pushed the citizens to go off world. Individuals are thought to be frail and excessively poor, making it impossible to bear the cost of transport. They are also thought to be hereditarily inferior but they are compelled to leave in light of their fear of contamination.
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Los Angeles 2019 is in a condition of interminable emergency. Made out of interwoven of styles and prevailing fashions it has no topographical focus, no "unique" past to allude to, no protected history to be bound to and no solid present to permit groups to cultivate. In this film, science, innovation and advancement are all doubted and appeared somehow to have 'fizzled '. The world in Blade Runner is contaminated by industry and congestion; wherein just the rich had gone to the…show more content…
The lower class of people from Brave New World are basic specialists, huge numbers of automatons and incompetent workers. The human life production is vital to the monetary structure of this general public, however there is another element that accompanies the laborers. Not just are the laborers created to serve, but they are likewise molded to appreciate such a small life. They are content with this way of life, and hence, they are just floating. Like a machine, continually just working, and feeling fulfilled by each moment of their day. This could actually resemble the world today. It could be seen in education and how youngsters are manipulated to think that there are dump and smart people. This worldview limits kids. This highly contrasting institutionalization is like Huxley 's station framework. A strict association like this builds a society that sees split in education: such as those smart and dumb. They disregarded the thought that a person can do good thing that another cannot do and vice versa. The opposite thinking really restrains society. Perhaps, this is one of the postmodernist theme of the film.
Indeed, the main theme of Brave New World focuses on one nation called the World State wherein humans have no room for emotions or religions. They only care for what they consume and create. On the contrary, Blade runner still talks about another part of postmodernity
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