Human Consciousness In Blade Runner

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This leads to one of the greatest questions of the science-fiction genre, as well as one of the main themes of Blade Runner 2049, which asks ‘what does it mean to be human?’. Often when this question is asked, it is at the appraisal of human consciousness against artificial intelligence or genetic engineering. The original Blade Runner, looked at whether memories, and familial connections were the key difference between androids and humans. Correspondingly, Blade Runner 2049 looks at three characteristics of humanity that are considered to separate the real from the artificial, and challenges these ideals. First, is the concept of a need for love and companionship. Being in a relationship is a key factor of an identity, whether familial, amiable,…show more content…
Only to find that there is no true difference between a real identity and an artificial one. A human may be given life from a parent, but an android is given life by its creator. They may form their own childhood memories or be given memories but they perpetuate their own unique experiences and go on to form their own unique memories. Forging meaningful relationships, making decisions that are independent, while both feel the solitariness and solitude that comes with consciousness. Human experience and identity is subjective, there are no parameters that define what it truly means to be human. Blade Runner 2049, identities the criterion of what it means to be human, or what society believes is the criterion for what it means to be human and reveals that this is not the unique experience of humanity, but can be felt by any being with intelligence and a…show more content…
While most sci-fi movies typically look that the juxtaposition of androids and humans to show the importance of keeping humanity ‘natural’ or superior to A.I., Blade Runner 2049 turns this notion on its head, showing instead that there is no difference between the two. Placing the humanistic qualities of the replicants, such as sacrifice and revolutions, next to the inhuman qualities of people, to show that there is no framework or guideline to being human, or having a human identity.

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