Blake Autopsy Monologue

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After we left Grace’s home, we were once again at a dead end. She didn’t give us anything to use as a lead. But that was when Arthur remembered what else Blake had on his corpse. His insurance papers. This also allowed us to go look at Blake’s autopsy, which would give us more insight on how he died. We first went to the morgue to get Blake’s autopsy. There, we met a man who went by the name of Otto. He was a fairly plump man, he had short grey hair, and was verified on Twitter. He gave us the rundown of a few things I couldn’t initially see. Blake’s jaw was popped out of place, three of his ribs were broken, and he had a fracture in his left patella. Something else quite terrifying and utterly disgusting, was the fact they cut out his heart and took it.
I almost threw up at this point, so I asked him if he made any inferences. “Well, all his bone injuries point to him being beaten before his death. We also found a few cuts around his forearms, meaning he probably tried to defend himself. Another interesting thing we found was that one of his ribs are broken where it connects to his spine. This, in combination with the exit wounds on his back, implies that when he was shot, he flew back of a high area and broke a rib.” “Otto, this was of great assistance. It was greatly appreciated,” I
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But if she was the killer, why would she want to murder Ashleigh? It just didn’t add up. I thanked the assistant and went to get Arthur and Ashleigh from the ice cream shop. Once they finished their ice cream, we left to find so more clues. We brain stormed for a bit before Ashleigh suggested something. “I’ve got an idea. When Allyson and I were talking on the couch, she said something about everybody was going to Le Pressoir D’argent for a celebration, and on top of that, you two were invited.” “I remember getting an invitation, Brilliant Ashleigh!” Arthur exclaimed, “Why didn’t I think of it. We’ll go and see if we can find
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