Blake Forest Short Story

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Day 1: The Blake forest is une of the most beautiful things I've seen. My friends and I were camping for the winter break before entering college, we thought we were going to have fun but that was our mistake. It was night when the real hell began, we were all sitting around the campfire telling the typical horror stories that our parents told us when we hear a branch break. "Who's there?" I ask but nobody answered, suddenly saw a woman 25 years I started walking towards us, "Who are you?" I ask again but did not respond at that pulls a gun and points to my friend Kate and shoot. Fear gripped me and started running towards the forest, only heard the cries of my friends and more shots, wanted to return but could not, fear gripped me completely. That I hear a shot and suddenly feel excruciating pain that makes me…show more content…
Enpiezo I ask that you do, to stop, I start to scream from the pain I feel when the knife fits leg. Just cry and cry to stop until my throat feel sore from screaming and then nothing, I feel nothing. Tears they keep out and just do nothing. "It's for your own good" only I hear his footsteps away and the sound of a door open and shut and then again darkness, remembering everything that just happened. Day 6: Because only this happens to me I thought? Just remember what just happened I want to vomit. Remember how it fit me again the knife in my wound and averle begged so much that I let go, that I just listen to it and I reminded her I have the urge to throw up more and more until you get all that I have acid inside the burned bread and rice overstitched but worst of all is not to remember anything. It feels like waking from a dream to a nightmare. Day 7: I have just hope that someone will find me to be. Although not remember anything. Day 8: Nothing has changed the only thing different is that I have no
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