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I. Introduction
The purpose of writing the essay is to analyze, discover and reflect on my leadership qualities by reading the biography of business leader, Blake Mycoskie. Moreover, it is to develop an action plan for improving my weaknesses and building on my leadership strengths.
The essay would be connected with (1) analyzing three leadership qualities of a business leader and (2) reflecting on myself, then (3) designing an action plan for improving and building my leadership. That will focus on my leadership style, determination and building a trust relationship.
A. Information about the chosen book and author
Start something that matters by Blake Mycoskie in 2011 was chosen by me. The biography was published by Spiegel & Grau in New York.
Blake Mycoskie is the founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, which means tomorrow’s shoes. ‘One for one’ is the main idea of starting a business with Mycoskie and the core business model of TOMS. The concept of business is simple, “sell a pair of shoes today, give a pair of shoes tomorrow” (Mycoskie, 2011, pg. 6) to children in need.
In the biography, Mycoskie shared and summarized six
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(I will talk about how to learn from him in my action plan). His biography mentioned that he emphasized the relationship between members, did not allow someone to emerge from the trust in an interpersonal relationship. Mycoskie built team harmony and increased team’s morale. For instance, the position of members is equal. With TOMS, all job titles related to shoes, like chief shoe giver (Blake Mycoskie), shoe glue, straight shoeter, cash shoe and so on. Members are regarded as the most important one of the company even if the member is an intern. Besides, Mycoskie usually provides high-quality meals for members, play bocce-ball every Friday afternoon and winner will be a bonus $150 dollars, and go skiing every year for rewarding his

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