Compare And Contrast Frankenstein And Technology

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Blame it on technology! People point fingers at technology for any plight that involves technology, which seems to be all and any plight because technology is everywhere. Better technology is spreading fast all over the place. Even in the poorest countries, technology is widely spread albeit they may be outdated. As technological advancement expedites even more, what started out as a way of solving a problem seems to have become the problem. Some say SNS like Facebook was meant to connect people but instead, it isolates people. This sort of paradoxical phenomenon amongst technologies are ubiquitous. As users of technology, humans often forget that technology is merely a device created by humans for a purpose. The technology isn’t the problem, it’s the users.…show more content…
Frankenstein is a story about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein who creates a monster that eventually destroys him. Shelley uses characterization to show that the ways humans use technology can make people monstrous. Frankenstein was a outstanding student of “natural philosophy” or science. He especially excelled at chemistry. A exceptional student realized what he could achieve with his knowledge and goes on creating new life. Frankenstein becomes monstrous because he used his knowledge of science for the wrong purpose. On the contrary, the monster created by Frankenstein was more of a human than Frankenstein. For the creature, seeking knowledge was a way of becoming human. As the monster’s learning progressed through observation and reading, he became more and more like a human. The monster used its knowledge and used it to be part of society when he contacts the family in the cottage. Through the use of two opposing characters who essentially both seek knowledge, Shelley exhibits a lesson that it is the way humans use knowledge that differentiate people from saints to
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