Blanche Barrow: A Brief Analysis

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There are a lot of talents and interests I have. I also possess a background story. Though, as I only have 650 words or less to tell you something about myself in a desperate attempt to make myself likeable enough to accept into your school, I will pick only one of these talents, interests, or background stories.

About a year ago I became captivated by the story of two kids from Dallas who led police on country wide chase for two years before finally being gunned down in Louisiana in 1934. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, notorious killers and outlaws only humanized by their love.

Early in my year of research I came across a book written by Blanche Barrow, Clyde 's sister-in-law, which detailed her year on the run with the pair and her life after she was arrested. In the book a Bonnie and Clyde historian wrote down a detailed timeline starting with Clyde 's birth in 1909 and ending with Blanche 's death in the 80 's. This helped me put together a map of where the pair went on their two years as gangsters. While the map is slightly incomplete as only Clyde would know every single place the notorious Barrow Gang traveled, a good part of the places they went are accounted for in my map and the
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I will always be grateful to the Bonnie & Clyde Miniseries I found on Netflix for starting my research into the gang. Not only have I learned basic lessons like 'don 't steal cars ' or 'don 't shoot at cops ', but it has also taught me more important things that some people tend to forget easily. Family is the most important thing in this world and while they may end up indirectly causing your demise, they 'll protect you no matter what until then. Loyalty is immensely important and should never be overlooked. Grudges are not good and will only end up hurting you. Anger is a strong motivator, but should be worked out in a healthy way to avoid unnecessary consequences. Children and teenagers make mistakes often and should be punished for bad behavior, but not for the
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