Blanche Dubois Analysis

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Searching for Love
Blanche Dubois, a woman portrayed as not having the American Dream, life challenges leaves her searching desirability. Blanche, as a child, was known as being good hearted and smart; a Southern Belle. She married young later ending in tragedy. She later lost her house, her family, her career, and her dignity. She traveled to the only place she had left, her sister and brother-in-law. By the end of this paper, the reader will see how Blanche Dubois, desired the American Dream, never reaches her desires.
Blanche was an English teacher. She dressed in fancy clothes and enjoyed being made up. She was described by her sister as growing up good hearted, and smart. She was a perfect description of a Southern Belle. She liked the fancy things in life such as: perfume, jewelry, and clothes. Blanche married at a young age in life.
Blanche married the man that she loved. Blanche later found that he was gay. Blanche was at a dance one night, where she said ugly things to her husband. She was upset over his life choices. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the street. This left Blanche feeling guilty and alone. She begins to have insecurities as to why she could not please her husband. Blanche also held the responsibility of taking care of all her sick family until they died. Blanche begin to reach for other things to help her feel the void in her life. She no longer had the life she desired.
Blanche begin to look for someone to desire her. She lost
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