Blanche Dubois Character Analysis

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Blanche DuBois is the protagonist of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, a tragic story of a woman that wanted to feel desire and love once more, even if short lived. She uses the excuse that Stanley is worse than her and that he is a brute and no better than her. Blanche is ambitious, anxious, fearful, inconsiderate, secretive, self-doubting, kind, quiet, visionary, careless, biased, underhanded. Blanche, who is in her late thirties struggles to find a man that will be with her for the remaining part of her life because of being too old for most men that simply use her. She had originally married off to a young man when she was 15. Ever since she found out he was homosexual and he killed himself, she has been wanting to find…show more content…
In Laurel, she used to have a stranger everyday, that she thought most of them loved her, but in reality only did it for their own desires and pleasures. In the end of the play, she states to the doctor, “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers,” stating that she has not changed at all since the events that unfolded during the climax when Stanley confesses he found out about her past and raped her. In that sense, Blanche is what many consider a static character, never truly growing or experiencing a difference in her life, as when the play ends, she is right back at where she began, taking strangers hands and depending on them. Blanche’s character is very secretive, rarely talking about herself and her past affairs and talking more about other people’s problems like Stanley. Blanche mostly met strangers that were still during their teens, because she wanted to feel younger than what she was, and for that reason she was kicked out of her school teacher career. One of the mental health problems that Blanche might suffer from having ‘Fantasy Prone Personality’, which is a mental health issue in which the patient lives in a fantasy world where everything twists in their favor. Blanche shows most but not all of the traits of such personality, and she also showcases bipolar
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