Blanche's Madness In A Streetcar Named Desire

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(TH) In Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche DuBois loses her sense of reality.(A1)Due to Blanche's past she carries guilt and in order to fulfill her guilt she uses bathing as a way to feel pure and clean. (A2)Blanche's long hot baths symbolize that Blanche feels dirty.(A3)Stanely, Stella's husband has chastised Blanche since the day she arrived to their home he even begins to take noticed of her abnormal bathing habits when he tells Stella "Washing out something? . . . Soaking in a hot bath"(97)?(A4)Stanely uses his awareness to Blanche's bathing against her, causing Blanche to feel she is descending into madness. (B1)(Tr)Presumably the reason for Blanche's need for cleanliness comes from the foul feelings towards herself from the inappropriate past relationship with one of her male students and her current…show more content…
It would be nice to keep you, but I've got to be good - and keep my hands off children."(84) this portrays that Blanche's certainty of actuality is less to none, leading her to think that her inappropriate actions towards young men are acceptable.(B3) Due to the love of Blanche's late husband, Allen and the guilt she has accumulated over the years for his suicide Blanche relies on other men, specifically young to get the feeling she once had while with Allen because he died at a young age. (B4) Blanche is unable to manage the guiltiness she feels for her wrongdoings along with never forgiving herself for Allen's death and these events also lead to the loosening grip of Blanche's reality resulting in her mental state becoming even more fragile. (C1) (Tr)In addition to Blanche's abnormal bathing and unhealthy obsession with young men Blanches illogical dread of light is displayed throughout the play insinuating that her (R)mental health is continuously demolishing. (C2) As the scenes of the play progress Blanche comes into contact with Mitch and is immediately drown to him.
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