Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf: Literary Analysis

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In this novel written by Herman Hesse, Steppenwolf, begins with the narrative of Harry Haller’s nephew. His nephew thinks he is snobbish and unsociable and doesn’t deserve his attention. This sets up how the readers view Steppenwolf as a bland and unsociable person. Despairing and melancholy, Harry feels himself to be “a wolf of the Steppes,” or “Steppenwolf,” in a world where nothing brings him happiness. When we talk and compare the different worlds that Herman Hesse has set up in this book Steppenwolf we must set up the character of Steppenwolf. Harry believes himself to be divided between two extremes: a man-half who shares the ideals and interests of humanity, and a beast-half that sees those aspirations as futile, absurd vanities. We indulge in the novel by exploring the different worlds planted in Steppenwolf’s mind. Now, Harry is repulsed by the organized optimism of the middle class or where as Herman Hesse calls the bourgeoisie. Caught between the desire of his wolf-half and his man-half. Harry can neither disapprove nor approve. That being stated we have a first state of mind. He often contemplates about ending his own life. I see this as one of the worlds he is in because this is a mental state of mind a physiological problem…show more content…
He plans to play chess, but the gallery labeled “Marvelous Taming of the Steppenwolf” distracts him. He recognizes the animal tamer to himself, mean and alone. The man commands the wolf to do menial tricks like kneeling and playing dead or rolling over. This is realted to men today because if you don’t really have much people will try and make you a dog or some type of animal just for kicks, and make you feel less of a person just because you may not be in the same social class as they are go to the same places, or drive the same cars. People will treat you like dirt just because you are different. That’s why Steppenwolf didn’t like the middle class or anything about
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