Blankets Character Analysis

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Imagine your decisions rest on the bible, now imagine the people who interpret the book saying the only thing you loved is dangerous. Imagine isolation in a group where you are supposed to feel secure and your parents teaching you, it’s a sin to question authority. Analyzing the panels I chose, revealed an interesting aspect within the graphic novel Blankets. Concluding the narrative Craig had finally come to realize, life is difficult as an adult / child trying to pursue a career, balancing his relationship with Raina. That comes to a bitter end . The author’s conflict with faith, and responsibility is put to the test various times throughout his life. One the largest issues Craig had was coping with the comfort of himself. The pattern…show more content…
Being raised in a devoutly strict Evangelical Christian household Craig and his younger brother Phil were forced to participate in a Christian camp every summer. You would think that since Craig was among kids who believe the same religion as him, that he would instantly adjust. That was not the case in fact, he felt solidified than before he attended the camp. At church, Craig was told that his art was dangerous. How could something he enjoyed, that created happiness in his life be a threat to God? This would not be the last time he would question his religion. Craig would get beat up and harassed at school all the time. Students humiliated him by ridiculing his family for being underprivileged. The panel on page( ) is a depiction of Craig and a priest offering him a job as a minister at the church back home. He knew that if he accepted this offer, it would make his parents proud, personally he was not in the right place with his life to make that decision. Craig came to terms with his religion and spiritual identity. Being the oldest child you feel as if you have to protect your sibling(s), Craig Thompson didn’t have that experience with Phil. For years they were sexually abused by their babysitter. Craig blamed himself for what happened and this caused him to . In the panel on page ( ) Craig was seen as a protector the way he held Raina at night when they slept and how peaceful the scenery
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