Blaxicans Richard Rodriguez Analysis

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Introduction Mixed races, now, has become a matter of a great concern for various countries. The matter drawn attention of numerous researchers or professors, in which Richard Rodriguez has done an outstanding work with his “Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans” essay .In his essay, through the story circles around the Hispanics, he magnifies the racial classification that formerly exists does not fit today reality. Therefore, it plays an important role to support the author’s overall theory and help the audience to have a clear vision to the problem. Body In the 12th paragraph The author explains that the definition of “Hispanic” is given based on the colonial domination aspect. He points out the definition somehow is not being used where it came from geographically, yet is being assumed widely in several regions as he writes: “The interesting about Hispanics is that you will never meet us in Latin America” and “If you inquire in Lima and Bogota about Hispanics, you will be referred to Dallas”. By saying that, readers are provided information on how “Hispanic”term confuses people when it comes to racial classification.Taking advantage of his identity related to Hispanic, Rodriguez includes himself and refers Hispanic group as an “us”. The action of that successfully persuades readers for the fact that he isfully aware of the problem and understands it clearly.…show more content…
By presenting a comparison that appears to be a fallacious equation, he objects the mentioned definition of the Hispanics when he states: “there is no such thing as a Hispanic race”. To support his given theory that racial classification is no longer suitable, after starting by cover the mistaken definition, he then gives his objection against that definition which happens to be the core of problem in racial
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