Blbo Bagins's Character Transformation In The Hobbit

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One decision has the overwhelming power to completely determine whether an individual will attain great success and happiness in life or lead a life of misery and despair. Take, for instance, the common scenario of a young, promising athlete who works hard and trains relentlessly throughout his or her life. Then, during college, he or she becomes friends with some poor influences who pressure him or her into drug usage. Eventually, this illegal activity is uncovered and the rising star’s bright vision for the future is totally shattered. In this example, which is far too common in modern society, one mistake had the power to derail the young athlete’s promising career. Likewise, the idea that one event can alter the course of an individual’s life is very apparent in J.R.R. Tolkien’s best-selling fantasy novel, The Hobbit. In this 1937 novel, it becomes clear to the reader that one action tremendously impacts the plot of the remainder of the novel. Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of the story, is a hobbit, or a small, human-like creature, who lives in the Shire, which is a peaceful and secluded community of hobbits. Over the course of the novel, Baggins undergoes an incredible character transformation, and this transformation is crucial to his team’s success in their overall journey.
To begin, at the start of the novel, Baggins’ character and personality is drastically different from the individual he becomes by the end of the story. To elaborate, Baggins is initially
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