Bleak House Critical Analysis

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Some have argued that boundaries between great poetry and great novels is very transparent and that they can cross the lines and borrow from one another. John Stuart Mill even believed that great poetry can be in the form of novels (and vice versa). His belief in this stemmed from the fact that, “one was derived from incident, the other from the representation of feeling.” However, as far as the traditional views on the substance of novels and poems are concerned Mill’s opinion seems like a solid argument, but by looking at the mechanics of how each are written Mill’s could not be farther from the truth. Novels and poetry are naturally two different forms of literary artwork. They might borrow from one another from time to time, but at the…show more content…
When looking at novels in general it seems that are created from incident. Novels naturally can tell an extended story that involves lots of character development and illustration of the environment of the story. And this is because novels are used to create an idea in the audiences’ mind. Novels are written to make the reader think. By dissecting the creative nature of Bleak House, the reader can see that it was written to have people see and understand the societal nature of the times. In Bleak House the story shows the struggles of classism, sexism and other societal ailments of the time. A perfect example of this in the story was when Jo was being questioned by the courts, but his testimony was deemed unreliable because he was from the lower class and seen as lacking in Christian faith. The incident itself was a very minor issue in the story, but that goes to show that novels themselves take small examples and bring them together to give an overall picture of what the author is show. This would go to prove Mill’s point that novels come from incident. Dickens’ was exposed to the ailments of society and sought to bring attention to them in order to make changes. Not to say that poetry does not have this same effect or motive, but novels require a structure to the development of a story that poetry does not have the capabilities to
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