Blended Family Case Study Essay

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In this case study we see the construction and destruction of a family in a period of time. The case study follows Lonnie as she transitions out of one family and into another. Blended families and the development of them are the focus of this study and how different individuals in the family unit cope with this turning point. As I studied this case I realized that there are some dialectical tensions between different family members at different times. This analysis will look at these tensions involved in the development of a blended family. The first question I asked in this case is why does Gail feel the need to keep up appearance while her and Gene are going through a divorce? Gail wants to keep things as normal as possible by continuing to go to weekly family dinner night out even…show more content…
In the group everyone but one said that they view their step-parent as a addition and not a replacement. One girl in our group felt her stepmom was a better mother figure to her than her own mom. In the case, Tim tells Lonnie that he has no intentions of replacing her father but more so wants to build a better family with her and her mother and sister. In my opinion this line between replacement and addition to the family when dealing with stepparents is very blurry and can sometimes cause a rift in the family dynamic if not handled well or careful.
Overall this case study focuses on blended families and how do they development them. There are a lot of turning points within the case, but the main key is how does the family unit move through issues that happen. This case study also gives a voice to many kids who go through a family divorce and then have a mom or a dad get remarried. Blended family development is a topic that is not discuss enough within our society and this case study brings a lot of topics surrounding blended families to the
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