Blended Family Case Study

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In this case study we see the construction and destruction of a family in a period of time. The case study follows Lonnie as she transitions out of one family and into another. Blended families and the development of them are the focus of this study and how different individuals in the family unit cope with this turning point. As I studied this case I realized that there are some dialectical tensions between different family members at different times. This analysis will look at these tensions involved in the development of a blended family. The first question I asked in this case is why does Gail feel the need to keep up appearance while her and Gene are going through a divorce? Gail wants to keep things as normal as possible by continuing to go to weekly family dinner night out even when the kids are aware of what is going on during this time. In my discussion group…show more content…
In my group this became a hot button topic because all of my group members have experienced their parents at some point introducing them to someone they had been dating for a while. I personally could identify with this because I have always wonder when do parents introduce who their dating to their kids. Majority of my group felt the time to introduce them should be when the parent becomes certain that who their dating is serious not just about the relationship but also the idea of a future blended family. In the case study we see Lonnie not so happy at the beginning with her mom dating someone and spending more time with him than them. There is already tension between Lonnie and Gail due to Lonnie having to take more of the parenting role. Lonnie to me seems to have a recurring them about her which is feeling left out and completely overlooked by her family at times. form the beginning responsibilities failed to her and she rarely get to live as a kid with no adult problems to worry
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